Corporate Plan 2019-2024 Public Consultation

Closed1 Oct, 2019, 09:00 - 29 Oct, 2019, 17:00

Meath County Council

Corporate Plan 2019-2024




This consultation process is an opportunity for you to have an input into the formulation of Meath County Council’s Corporate Plan for 2019-2024. 

The consultation is semi-structured in nature, in that you are provided with an outline of key elements of the Corporate Plan and asked to provide a direct response on these. Not all questions need to be answered.

Corporate Plan – what is it?


The Corporate Plan serves as the local authority’s strategic framework for action during the lifetime of the current Council, 2019-2024.

It sets out a vision for County Meath, a mission statement for Meath County Council, the core values that inform the work of the Council, its strategic priorities and how it delivers services.

The Corporate Plan will be used to direct business processes and drive performance, through Annual Service Delivery Plans, performance measurement (PMDS) and management processes.

Corporate Plan – Approach

The Corporate Plan is being developed in line with Guidelines issued by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (in August 2019). It will build on the achievements of previous Corporate Plans, include new legal obligations on the Council and reflect emerging policy priorities at national and local levels.

What is the Purpose of this Consultation?

The preparation of the Corporate Plan requires an inclusive approach through consultation with internal stakeholders (elected members, staff and various committees) and external stakeholders. The purpose is to provide these stakeholders with an input into the plan-making process, ensure it is relevant and content-rich and to encourage ownership of the Plan.

Your feedback will be considered during the drafting and final adoption of the Corporate Plan. 

The closing date has passed and submissions are no longer being accepted.