Chapter 9: Rural Development Strategy

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Paul Mathews

Chapter 9: Rural Development Strategy

Proposed Amendment Number: 

I welcome the proposal to create a rural node at Monknewtown.

There already exists a clachan type development of houses centered around the Church. In addition there are a number of amenities including GAA grounds, soccer pitch, tennis courts and a community hall. There have been very few homes provided in this community for quite a number of years. Any change in that policy must be a positive move.

I am concerned however that the proposed node largely contains existing houses and emenities and even touches on a protected Small Passage Tomb. As a result it is my fear that no new houses will be provided in Monknewtown without the loss of existing amenities. I believe that the boundry of this node should be re-examined. 

I appreciate the concideration of this submission.