Amendment No.:

Proposed Ballivor Amendment No. 1

Submission/ NOM/ (FTF) NOM Numbers

NOM 182
Cllr. Wayne Harding 


5.0 Town/Village Development Policies and Objectives

Proposed Amendment as per CE Report

Amend the following public realm objective BAL OBJ 17 in Section 5.0 Town/Village Development Policies and Objectives:


To support public realm improvement works to the village core; to focus on pavements, dedicated parking bays, additional pedestrian crossing, street furniture and signage; and, the possibility of cycle paths. To implement and ensure compliance with the Public Realm Plan for Ballivor which provides for a themed strategy for the provision of street furniture, planting, traffic and parking, lighting, building colours, (local and tourist) signage and surface materials etc. within the village.

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