Amendment No.:

Proposed Moynalty  Amendment No. 1

Submission/ NOM/ (FTF) NOM Numbers

(FTF) NOM 105
Cllr Paul McCabe
(FTF) NOM 106
Cllr Paul McCabe
Patrick Sheridan 


Land Use Zoning Map

Proposed Material Amendment

To amend the zoning of lands in the village from A2 New Residential to A1 Existing Residential and to zone lands beside the GAA club from R/A Rural Area to A2 New Residential

Proposed amendment - A2 to A1 and RA to A2

SEA Consultant Comments

Zoning is in rural setting outside of and at distance from Moynalty. Zoning would lead to unnecessary residential development in rural setting with potential negative environmental effects on landscape and material assets.

Recommendation: Retain Draft Plan zoning