Glossary of Terms

Dúnta3 Sam, 2021, 8:59am - 3 Sam, 2021, 9:00am


AA: Appropriate Assessment

ACA: Architectural Conservation Area

(c)ACA: (candidate) Architectural Conservation Area

AHBs: Approved Housing Bodies

BRT: Bus Rapid Transit

BS: British Standard

CDP: County Development Plan 2013-2019

CFRAM: Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management

CGS: County Geological Sites

CMP: Construction Management Plan

CO2: Carbon Dioxide

CSO: Central Statistics Office

DART: Dublin Area Rapid Transit

DES: Department of Education and Skills

DMURS: Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets

DoAFM: Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine

DoCHG: Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

DoECC: Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications

DoHLGH: Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage

DoTCAGSM: Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

DoT: Department of Transport

EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment

EIAR: Environmental Impact Assessment Report

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

ERFB: Eastern Regional Fisheries Board

ESB: Electricity Supply Board

EMRA: Eastern & Midlands Regional Assembly

EU: European Union

FRA: Flood Risk Assessment

GDA: Greater Dublin Area

GDSDS: Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study

GHG: Greenhouse Gases

HAP: Housing Assistant Payment

HLA: Housing Land Availability

HNDA: Housing Need Demand Assessment

HSE: Health Service Executive

IAA: Irish Aviation Authority

ICT: Information and communications technology

ILP: Institution of Lighting Professions

IROPI: Imperative Reasons for Overriding Public Interest

ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems

JTF: Just Transition Fund

LAP: Local Area Plan

LCA: Landscape Character Assessment

LCDC: Local Community Development Committees

LECP: Local Economic and Community Plan

LEO: Local Enterprise Office

LUZ: Land Use Zone

MCC: Meath County Council

MMP: Mobility Management Plan

NAF: National Adaptation Framework

NCCAF: National Climate Change Adaptation Framework

NDP: National Development Plan

NEEAP: National Energy Efficiency Action Plan

NESC: National Economic and Social Council

NHA: Natural Heritage Area

(p)NHA: (proposed) Natural Heritage Area

NIAH: National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

NPF: National Planning Framework

NIS: Natura Impact Statement

NPWS: National Parks and Wildlife Service

NRA: National Roads Authority

NSAI: National Standards Authority of Ireland

NSS: National Spatial Strategy 2002 - 2020

NTA: National Transport Authority

NZEB: Nearly Zero Energy Building

OPW: Office of Public Works

PFRA: Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

QBC: Quality Bus Corridor

RAS: Rental Accommodation Scheme

RBMP: River Basin Management Plan

RIAI: Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

RMP: Record of Monuments and Places

RPG: Regional Planning Guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area 2010-2022

RPPI: Residential Property Price Index

RPS: Record of Protected Structures

RRDF: Rural Regeneration and Development Fund

RSA: Road Safety Audit

RSES: Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy

SAC: Special Area of Conservation

(c)SAC: (Candidate) Special Area of Conservation

SDCS: Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme

SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals

SEA: Strategic Environmental Assessment

SEAI: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

SEAP: Sustainable Energy Action Plan

SFRA: Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

SHD: Strategic Housing Development

SI: Statutory Instrument

SID: Strategic Infrastructure Development

SO: Spot Objective

SPA: Special Protection Area

SuDS: Sustainable Drainage Solutions

TII: Transport Infrastructure Ireland

TTA: Traffic and Transport Assessment

UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

URDF: Urban Regeneration and Development Fund


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