Julianstown Architectural Conservation Area

Dúnta18 Nol, 2019, 12:00 - 6 Már, 2020, 16:00

Historical Development

Julianstown is a small village situated on the banks of the Nanny water in a scenic valley of sloping fields and woodland.

Given its location on the main Dublin to Belfast road, the village had an inn from early times. The original Black Horse Inn was a mail coach inn and sited at the top of the hill where the Julianstown Inn now stands. There were few houses in the village until six estate houses were erected by the Peppers of Ballygarth Castle in 1897.

Built Form and materials

The estate cottages are a row of picturesque two-storey houses with dormer windows, exposed rafters and red-tiled overhanging porches. Across the street is a small dispensary, originally the court house, in similar style and a large castellated constabulary barracks, erected in 1903.

The industrial character of the area is seen in the mill, quarries, now disused, and limekiln.

A characteristic of the village is the boundary feature of low walls with stone bollards and chains.

Summary of Character

Much of Julianstown’s charm derives from its largely unspoilt landscape setting, its collection of historic mill buildings and association with the river Nanny, its collection of former public service buildings that underline its importance to the area at large and its distinctive picturesque architecture and boundary detailing. All these elements contribute to an appreciation of the special character of Julianstown ACA from near and afar.


  1. To preserve the character of the village and its setting by requiring that the height, scale, and design of any proposed development within the village and in the surrounding area should complement the character of the village and not diminish its distinctiveness of place.
  2. To protect the natural landscape setting of the village.
  3. To require the preservation and re-instatement of traditional details and materials on existing buildings and the streetscape where improvements or maintenance works are being carried out. 


A detailed statement of character and planning guidance is available to download from the website.  

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