Netterville and Victoria Terrace Architectural Conservation Area

Dúnta18 Nol, 2019, 12:00pm - 6 Már, 2020, 4:00pm

Historical Development

Victoria and Netterville Terrace are large terraces which dominate the coastline of Laytown. These sea-facing terraces became popular during the late nineteenth century, when the arrival of the railway made the coast more accessible. There are a number of these terraces along the strand at Bettystown and Laytown.

Summary of Special character

The special character of this ACA is a result of the combination of its built fabric, coastal setting and historical development. Their orientation towards the sea and back to front relationship with the road is a reminder of the development of the area.

While the houses are of modest design, Netterville Terrace was evidently built as a single designed terrace in the late 19th century, in a vernacular late Georgian style, while Victoria Terrace displays distinctive features of the early 20th century – in particular, the canted bay windows, which are a feature of other houses of the period in Bettystown/Laytown. 

The materials used in their construction – which are evidenced in the surviving original boundary walls, display the use of locally available materials and craftsmanship and strengthen the relationship between the buildings and their setting.


  1. To preserve the character of the terraces.
  2. To protect the open nature of the relationship between the buildings and the seafront. 
  3. To require the preservation and re-instatement of traditional details and materials on existing buildings and the streetscape where  improvements or maintenance works are being carried out. 

A detailed statement of character and planning guidance is available to download from the website.

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