Kilcock Environs

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1.0 Town Context/Character

The Kilcock Environs to the north-east of Kilcock Town Centre provides an expansion area forthis Metropolitan settlement. The Rye Water River separates the Environs lands with the town centre, with current access from the town via Meath Bridge and by Balfeaghan Bridge to the west of the R158 (Summerhill Road).

The development of the town of Kilcock in County Kildare has been facilitated by excellent multi- modal transport infrastructure, notably the M4 motorway and the Sligo-Dublin rail line.

This facilitates the town to operate as a commuter settlement for key employers in the vicinity and the wider Metropolitian Area. The historic core of the town, the attractive environment afforded around the Ryewater River, aligned with the convenience of linkages and infrastructure make the town environs an attractive location for investment and development.

Position in Settlement Hierarchy

Self-Sustaining Town

2016 Population


2011 Population


Percentage Change 2011-2016


Number of units completed 2016-2019


Committed units not yet built


Core Strategy Household Allocation

180 units

This includes 180 extant units not built at the time of writing

Recommended density of future developments

25-35 units/ha

Education Facilities

3 primary schools and 1 secondary school in the administrative area of County Kildare

Community Facilities

7 in the administrative area of County Kildare

Architectural Conservation Areas (ACAs)


Protected Structures


Zone of Archaeological Potential


Natura 2000 Sites

The nearest Natura 2000 site is the Rye Water Valley/Carton SAC which is located approximately 5.5 km to the east.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Manage flood risk and development in line with approved policies and objectives as set out in Vol. 1 Chapter 6: Infrastructure.

A detailed FRA is required for any new A2-type development in this settlement demonstrating that FFLs and ground levels are maintained above the 100yr flood level plus climate change and freeboard.  The Local Distributor Road must undergo FRA at development management stage.  CFRAM recommended a review of the FRAM scheme.

Water Services Infrastructure/Capacity

Water supply from Co. Kildare; and,

Wastewater discharged to Co. Kildare

2.0 Vision

For Kilcock Environs to build upon the strategic multi-modal location, which supports the development of a sustainable neighbourhood that integrates with and complements the existing Kilcock Town Centre, opening up opportunities for amenity walkways and public open spaces in an attractive environment.

3.0 Land Use Strategy

The development strategy for Kilcock Environs during this Plan will be one of consolidation that will concentrate on the completion of the two extant permissions. The Meath Environs of Kilcock functions primarily as a commuter settlement for the Metropolitan area with limited local employment in the town.

4.1 Settlement and Housing

The growth of the Environs will area during the life of this Plan be based around principles of compact, sustainable neighbourhoods that include a suitable mix of housing that meets the needs of people of all ages in locations within walking distance as far as practicable, of services and facilities.

The Environs area presents a considerable residential land bank on the edge of the existing settlement centre into which the built environment can expand from the existing town centre outwards. Taking account of the multi-modal location of Kilcock in the Dublin Metropolitan Area and the major infrastructural improvements delivered to date in addition to the numbers of units already provided, it is considered appropriate to re-instate the Phase 2 lands as ‘Post 2026’ in order to provide clarity for the long term viable growth strategy of the area.  

4.2 Water Services Infrastructure

Water: Water supply in Kilcock is sourced from the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant via Kildare.

Wastewater: Kilcock forms part of the Lower Liffey Valley Sewerage Scheme which also includes Leixlip, Celbridge, Straffan, and Maynooth.
It is considered that adequate capacity exists to serve the development and growth provided for in this 2020-2026 CDP, however, in the context of significant growth in the wider catchment, Future residential development in the area will require consultation with Irish Water to confirm that capacity is available in water and waste water supply and associated networks.

4.3 Flooding

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment prepared for the County Development Plan identified lands at risk of flooding. A risk based approach to flood management in accordance with the provisions set out in “The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities” (2009) will be implemented in order to prevent or minimise future flood risk2.

As part of the Millerstown residential development significant investment has been made in flood alleviation measures in the Kilcock Environs.

Furthermore, under Plan Reg. Ref. DA/110346 planning permission was granted for infrastructural works as part of a comprehensive overall co-ordinated design for the delivery of a distributor road, services and flood mitigation works which were included as objectives in the Kilcock Environs Local Area Plan 2009-2015.  The development provides flood mitigation works including re-profiling the existing Rye Water River Floodplain and construction of a flood flow control structure with embankments as part of flood protection measures and provision of flood water storage.

4.4 Movement

Kilcock is a compact settlement benefiting from good public transport connectivity, with access to the Dublin-Sligo Rail Line and frequent bus services to Dublin and neighbouring towns.

It is also located along the M4 transport corridor. Additional infrastructure to accommodate the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles are required in order to connect residential areas to the town centre.

4.5 Cultural, Natural and Built Heritage

The character of Kilcock is that of a rural market town. The Environs contains some historic built and cultural remnants including an impressive 2 storey farmhouse and the Little Chapel of the Assumption, both protected structures and fronting the R125 at Newtownmoyaghy close to the county boundary.

The natural heritage of Kilcock Environs is defined by the Rye Water which passes to the south of the Environs area and connects to the Rye Water Valley/Carton Special Area of Conservation outside Maynooth. The main importance of the site lies in the presence of several rare and threatened plant and animal species, and of a rare habitat; thermal mineral petrifying spring.

4.6 Green Infrastructure

Given the location of the Kilcock Environs along the banks of the Ryewater River, it will be a policy of the Council to support and facilitate in conjunction with Kildare County Council the creation of walkways and natural habitat corridors in this area. These developments will enhance the environmental quality and amenity of the settlement. Existing Flood zones restrict development in this area and thus provide an opportunity for wildlife habitats to flourish.

The Royal Canal Greenway which is scheduled forcompletion  in 2019 runs to the south of the Kilcock Environs.

5.0 Town Development Objectives

As a point of clarity the Policies and Objectives set out below are in addition to those included in the Written Statement in Volume One of the County Development Plan. To avoid repetition Policies and Objectives have only been restated where they have particular relevance to the settlement. These Policies and Objectives should therefore be read in conjunction with the Policies and Objectives and Development Standards in Volume One of the County Development Plan.


It is the policy of the Council:


To co-operate with Kildare County Council in the sustainable development of the Kilcock Environs in a comprehensive supporting manner which will integrate with the existing built up area of Kilcock town in County Kildare.


It is an objective of the Council:

Settlement and Housing


To secure the implementation of the Core Strategy of the County Development Plan, in so far as is practicable, by ensuring the household allocation for Kilcock Environs as set out in Table 2.11 of the Core Strategy is not exceeded.


To support and facilitate the residential development of Kilcock Environs having regard to its proximity to the town centre and available amenities.



To liaise with and support Irish Water to endeavour to provide adequate water services to meet the development needs of Kilcock within the Plan period.



To manage flood risk and development in Kilcock in accordance with the policies and objectives set down in Volume 1 of the County Development Plan in relation to ‘Flood Risk Management’.



To reserve the corridor for the permitted Local Distributor Road within Kilcock Environs area extending from the R148 (Maynooth Road) to the roundabout along the R158 (Summerhill Road). Details of suitable links and tie-ins to the adjoining road network in County Kildare shall be designed in conjunction with Kildare County Council.


To facilitate in conjunction with Kildare County Council the provision, in tandem with development, of the section of the Local Distributor Road extending from the R148 (Maynooth Road) to the existing R125 (Dunshaughlin Road).


To carry out general road improvements in the Kilcock Environs, including junction tie-in works and upgrades to facilitate the provision of a new spine road.


To examine the feasibility of a one-way traffic management system at Meath Bridge and traffic management plans for the Kilcock area in conjunction with Kildare County Council. All traffic management proposals in this area shall include suitable provisions for pedestrians and cyclists.


To facilitate the provision of new and enhanced cycling and walking connections to Kilcock Town Centre.

Green Infrastructure


To develop a riverside walk and linear amenity area adjacent to the Rye Water River in accordance with a landscaping and amenity development programme that maintains a facility for vehicular access to the river for periodic cleaning purposes and provides connections for walking routes.

Urban Design and Public Realm


To facilitate the creation of an urban environment of quality in a visual sense with good urban design with appropriate attention to orientation and landscaping.

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Submission on Draft Development Plan - relating to lands Kilcock
Please see attached submission, comprising report and plans.
Zoning of lands in Kilcock.
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Submission to the Draft Meath County Development Plan 2020-2026 in respect of Flood Map Kilcock Environs
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Submission to Draft MCDP 2020-2026
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Submission to Draft MCDP 2020-2026
Please refer to attached written submission