Strategic Environmental Assessment

Dúnta18 Nol, 2019, 12:00 - 6 Már, 2020, 16:00

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Strategic Environmental Assessment



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St Gormans Well, Enfield
St Gorman'ds Well have been left out and should be included in the County Development plan
Green Space
Ashbourne badly needs more green space. Houses are taking over green spaces. A town the size of Ashbourne should have a regional sized park. Everywhere i look while out walking my dog, houses...
Green Space
Dear Sir/Madam, In light of the recent publication of the development plan I would like to make the following submission: Ashbourne needs more green space. I understand there is a housing need...
Impact of Primeline Industrial Park on Residents of Racehill
The presence of the 'Primeline' Industrial Park in Ashbourne is welcome from an employment and economic perspective. However in recent times it has become apparent that the industrial park is...
Coments on the SEA
The submission is summarised as follows 1. There are significant issues with the Strategic Environmental Report which if left unaddressed will result in an SEA procedure that is unlawful having...